"Looking For New Words Added in the Past Century"

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The following has appeared in the Linguist List Noticeboard.  It looks as if the ideal resource for this person would be an online dictionary where words could be searched for by date of first citation.  As I'm not a lexicographer, I can't help them, but I suspect there are people here who might be able to!  Please respond off-list to Kinley Puzey directly:

kpuzey at vcbo.com<mailto:kpuzey at vcbo.com>

The notice:

"Date Submitted: 11-May-2011
From: Kinley Puzey
Subject: Looking For New Words Added in the Past Century

Notice: I'm an Architect based in Salt Lake City. We're building a school and it is the Centennial year of this specific school district's beginning. We would like to etch a design or artistic piece in the windows in the media lab of words that didn't exist 100 years ago. More specifically words to do with technology and literature. We've been able to find some more recent words but are having a hard time finding older words. If you have any resources, information or could possible point us in the right direction we would greatly appreciate it.
Kinley Puzey"



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