Victualler in 1820 Philadelphia, PA USA

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Wed May 25 21:46:31 UTC 2011

From: Michael McKernan
Further confusing matters, in the UK, a "licensed victualler" seems to mean
someone who owns/operates a pub ("public house"), selling alcoholic
beverages (and often, food/meals).

I think the "licensed" here would be short for "licensed to sell
alcohol/alcoholic drinks", and that "licensed victualler" would take in both
an off-licence and a pub.

I don't know when the term originated, though I'd guess in the UK it might
have a fairly precisely defined legal status.  Again, I think, such
licensing was and is carried out by the local town council rather than the
central government.  The term is still found, but to my ear it's a bit

[Sorry there are no citations here -- I'm currently enduring hayfever, and
amn't a terribly happy camper.]


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