_Kiss my grits!_ = "Kiss my ass!," by a writer for The Family Guy

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Back in 1974, an aritcle by W. R. Higginbotham, "The Real Nitty Gritty," _American Speech_ 49:90-101, suggested anal implications of "gritty" in the phrase "nitty gritty" ("nitty" referring to louse eggs).

Perhaps (slightly) relevant to "Kiss my grits"?


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Wilson, a character on _Alice_ used to say, "Kiss my grits!" frequently.

Wow! Wikipedia tells the whole story! There's so much knowledge to be had!:

'Flo's catch phrase, "Kiss my grits!" enjoyed widespread popularity at the
time the character appeared on Alice. According to Polly Holliday, the line
was originally written as "Kiss my honeydew!", but did not get any laughs.
(In the original film, Flo, as played by Diane Ladd, tells Mel in one scene
to "kiss me where the sun don't shine.") Another of Flo's catchphrases was
"When donkeys fly!" Since her portrayal of Flo, Polly Holliday has refused
to repeat her famous "grits" line.'

BTW, I've never come across "Kiss my wrist!" Neither has Wikipedia.


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> =0A"Kiss my wrist"?=0A=0AThe latter, IMO, is the more obvious, having a
> clo=
> ser rhyme. But they=0Aboth seem to be the kind of thing that's
> spontaneousl=
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