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> The Danish question, or rather the Schleswig-Holstein was so
> complicated and obscure that Lord Palmerston having failed
> diplomatically to prevent the war, he used to jokingly tell, that only
> three people knew thoroughly the tangled dispute. One was the Prince
> Alberto, who unfortunately had died, and the second a man of the
> Danish government, he was crazy, and the third he Lord Palmerston, who
> had forgotten.

The Danish question or, rather, the Schleswig-Holstein question, was
so complicated and complex that, after Lord Palmerston had failed to
prevent the war by means of diplomacy, it used to be said, jokingly,
that only three people had a thorough understanding of the convoluted
dispute. One was Prince Albert, who, unfortunately, was dead. The
second, a member of the Danish diplomatic corps, had lost his mind,
and the third was Lord Palmerston himself, who had forgotten.

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