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> In that case, the school colors of all universities should be in the OED.
>  And the mascots and symbols of all big-league sports teams.

To the extent that readers may encounter sentences like "He is [a color]",
meaning "he is a graduate of [a school]".

I don't know how common this would be, in the U. S.  I attended Boston U.,
but do not expect to be referred to as a Red (except in the political
sense).  I do see the sports teams from Syracuse &c. referred to as The
Orangemen, &c; and the teams of other schools referred to as "The Badgers",
&c.  The overall context of whatever writing contains such designations
will probably make clear what they signify, but the sentence out of context
will puzzle.

Is this a problem that a comprehensive dictionary should try to address?

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