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Subject: Twisted and Cruel: New Mexico Rape Survivors Forced To Contact
Attackers For Child Support
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No rape survivor should have to have her attack trivialized and be forced to
reconnect with her attacker in order to receive child support for a product
of rape. Tell Gov. Martinez: Don't change state assistance laws to punish
the victims!
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Dear Wilson Gray,

“Forcible rape” is back – and it’s about to rob the women of New Mexico of
almost all their rights as sexual assault survivors.

Thanks to Republican Gov. Susana Martinez, women seeking state assistance
for babies resulting from rape will soon have to find a way to prove the
pregnancy resulted from a sexual assault, narrowing the definition of rape
in New Mexico to an almost impossible standard.

These survivors will have to go into detail about the manner in which they
were raped, and convince state officials that their stories are true. And if
these women are victims of a violent domestic partnership, a date rape, or
incest, their rapes will be classified as “non-forcible” – forcing them to
contact their abusers and seek child support!

We cannot stand by while women who’ve been shamed into carrying products of
rape to term are then humiliated by the state and left at the mercy of their
attackers, forcing them to put control of their lives back into the hands of
those who violated them in the first place.

Please, join women across New Mexico in calling on Gov. Martinez to end her
assault on the women in her state. Don’t let these women become victims
again – sign our petition now!

SUSANA MARTINEZ: Rape is rape – and trivializing that fact, and forcing
these women to relive their experiences and return to their attackers, is
both twisted and cruel. We demand that you end your campaign to redefine
childcare assistance requirements using “forcible rape,” and keep the law
the way it is!

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-- The folks at Watchdog.net

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