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Searching on "potter" "leaky caldron"/"leaky cauldron" yields 20K hits for the former and 615K hits for the latter.

I tried to do a search to determine if there was a difference in the UK and US versions of Harry Potter, but gave up. Maybe someone else with better searching skills can try it out.

I don't know what sound the ampersand stands for, but FWIW, I pronounce the "au" in "cauldron" just like the "a" in "father," that is, "ah." That seems in line with /ˈkɔːl.drən/ given in Wiktionary ( and the OED.

Wiktionary gives "caldron" as an alternative spelling of "cauldron," and the OED traces the spelling of "caldron" to 1425.

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On Dec 31, 2012, at 1:34 PM, Wilson Gray <hwgray at> wrote:

> However, the recent, IME, change of the spelling of _cauldron_ to
> _caldron_, even upon the pages of that hallow-ed broadsheet, The New
> York Times, has come to my attention sufficiently often that I've come
> to believe that what we have here is a spelling-change and not a typo.
> The spelling-change entails merely the deletion of the _u_, exactly
> the same - or should that be, "the exact same"? - "trivial" change
> that is "needed" to "correct" non-United States orthography.
> And I find the spelling "caldron" annoying. What blocks the assumption
> that the pronunciation is "c[&]ldron"? Since I haven't haven't heard
> the word pronounced since God knows when, AFAIK, the current
> pronunciation may well be "c[&]ldron."

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