How to say "either" and "neither"

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:-) I once asked a fellow with a Scotch accent which isle had his display.  He said "Isle A"  I repeated "Isle A"  He said "Make that E."  So he realized that I heard "A" when he was trying to say E.  So for "either" I'm sure that when he said "A"-ther he meant "E"-ther rather than "I"-ther.

On another post point - I don't think the term "phonetically" is the adverb form of "phonics".  Perhaps "phonically" would do.  But you may be right that common core might not know the difference.  This area is so mixed up.

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> either [EYE-ther ~ EE-ther]: Probably c. 1962, Brother Regan (EE not AY)
> told us boys a joke about an Englishman & an American arguing over the
> pronunciation of <either>, so they asked an Irishman (or maybe Scotsman) to
> decide: <<[AY-ther] will do>> he says.
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