Antedating of "Easter egg" (computing)

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Mon Apr 29 13:37:34 UTC 2013

"Easter egg", computing (OED: 13 Nov 1987)

25th April 1986, "Re: a few more option-keys tips" in net.micro.mac:
So many of these neat messages seem to come by, but I can't tack them all up (very neatly)
near the Mac. So here's a request to all you hardcore MacFreaks out there (and I know
you're out there!) -

Why not have a periodically updated list of these option, command, and other combination
Easter egg type-of-things?

If you already have one, please, please post it to the net. If you only have a few, please
mail them to me at the address below, and when it starts to get really huge, I post it
back up again.


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