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OED has 1953 for "speculative fiction" (a term slightly more generic
than "science fiction").  It is from a quote by Robert Heinlein, who
seems to be the modern originator of the term.  The OED SF Project has
an 1889 cite (which I believe I submitted), and then a bunch more, all
from Heinlein, starting in 1948.

_Saturday Evening Post_  Feb 8, 1947 p 10 col 3

"Speculative fiction is usually thought of as pure fantasy and classed
with the comic books," Heinlein said, "but I try to follow the Jules
Verne - H. G. Wells tradition of careful and conservative extrapolation
of known scientific fact -- that is, believe my own pipe dreams."

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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