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Slobberknocker apparently emerged from the world of wrestling.

Title: Slobberknockered
Author: Matthen M. Aid
Date: December 16, 2013
Website: Politico.com
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U.S. intelligence officials I spoke with were clearly shocked by the
Review Group’s recommendations, with one official admitting that he
felt “slobbernockered” by some of the things the panel was reportedly
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Article Title: Slamming the NSA
Author: Bob Dreyfuss
Date: December 17, 2013
Website name: The Nation. (blog)
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I'm not sure what “slobbernockered” means, but it doesn't sound good
if you're the NSA.
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Title: The complete idiot's guide to pro wrestling
Authors: Lou Albano, Bert Randolph Sugar, Michael Benson
Contributor: Michael Benson
Edition: 2, illustrated
Publisher: Alpha Books, 2000
(Google Books Snippet View; data may be inaccuarte)
[Begin extracted text]
Fighting Words
Jim Ross is famous for his colloquialisms, especially his use of the
slobberknocker, which is defined as a hard-fought, but sloppy, brawl.
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[Begin excerpt]
a fierce and violent fight amongst two people, or a number of
participants that eventually turns into a full-fledged donnybrook!
At the local watering hole, the bachelor party erupted into a good old
fashioned, Grade-A slobberknocker amongst the drunken friends, as
fists flew and teeth became airborne.
[End excerpt]

[Begin excerpt]
made famous by JR (Jim Ross) in WWE it is used to say some thing big
has happened.
[End excerpt]


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