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Sat Dec 21 13:03:47 UTC 2013

Did anything happen with that nomination? There was an explanatory
appearance of "humblebrag" in NCIS Los Angeles early in 2011 (which I
noticed in an recent re-run).
(February 23, 2011)
> The "humble brag" references were hilarious. You know people who do
> this if you think about it. I am absolutely calling them out using
> this phrase next time.

The two earliest UD mentions are from the same date, one directly
quoting the show:
> Person 1: The referee tripped over my feet last night AT THE LAKERS GAME.
> Person 2: Wow. Thanks for the Humble Brag.


On 4/21/2011 3:55 PM, Ben Zimmer wrote:
> WOTY contender?
> ---
> Whether we like it or not, and especially on social media, we're all
> self-promoters, broadcasting even our quasi-achievements to every
> friend and follower.
> In response, Harris Wittels, a standup comedian and a writer on the
> NBC series "Parks and Recreation," created a Twitter feed called
> Humblebrag, which compiles examples of the offense...
> [Wittels:] "Humblebrag is a Twitter account I started where I re-tweet
> people who have committed flagrant humble brags. And a humble brag is
> basically a specific type of bragging that masks the brag in a
> faux-humble guise."
> ---
> --bgz

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