"[grand?] foquet", 1793, not in OED

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Thu Dec 26 04:58:58 UTC 2013

<fouquet> 'hirondelle de mer (1776, Sonnerat), anc. surnom de l'ecureuil:
dimin. du nom d'homme <Fouque, Foulque> (du francique <Fulco>).
Larousse Dictionnaire E'tymologique .
<fouquet> 'sea swallow>, old nickname of the squirrel: diminutive of the
man's name <Fou(l)que from Frankish <Fulco>
http://www.behindthename.com/name/fulk (~ das Folk? But who knows.)
Analysis: Well, that should wrap it up nicely. (8^o}. Connections to
Capistrano, Rocky J Squirrel, and some artist (who upscales cameos to
canvas, thus <preserving> them) called <The Grand Fouquet, reviewed
critically as The Big Fuckit>.

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