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Tue Feb 5 20:42:06 UTC 2013

At 2/5/2013 12:11 PM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>Mock-ups, in my experience, are (usually smaller and non-functioning, or
>not fully functional) complete models of machines like airplanes that don't
>exist *yet.* An airplane mock-up, for example, is (or used to be) useful
>for wind-tunnel tests.
>The novelty with Tricky Dick is that he was a person, not a thing; he *did*
>exist once; and the model is only of his head, not the whole person.
>So that's strike three in the  inappropriateness game.

Well, some are trying to reconstruct him, and maybe after the head
they will see to the heart ... and body and limbs.  If Dr.
Frankenstein had made a model of his monster before the animated one,
would that have not been a mock-up because the monster -- at least in
parts -- had existed once?


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