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Once they reanimate him (preferably as a member of a certain political
party that shall go nameless), I will graciously retract my objection.


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> At 2/5/2013 12:11 PM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> >Mock-ups, in my experience, are (usually smaller and non-functioning, or
> >not fully functional) complete models of machines like airplanes that
> don't
> >exist *yet.* An airplane mock-up, for example, is (or used to be) useful
> >for wind-tunnel tests.
> >
> >The novelty with Tricky Dick is that he was a person, not a thing; he
> *did*
> >exist once; and the model is only of his head, not the whole person.
> >
> >So that's strike three in the  inappropriateness game.
> Well, some are trying to reconstruct him, and maybe after the head
> they will see to the heart ... and body and limbs.  If Dr.
> Frankenstein had made a model of his monster before the animated one,
> would that have not been a mock-up because the monster -- at least in
> parts -- had existed once?
> :-)
> Joel
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