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> Although I don't have time at the moment to investigate this in detail, I believe this is part of a sporadic sound change that caught a number of /oHn/ words, including Montreal, Moncton and perhaps some others. Margaret says [d^nki] (she and Larry share the same geographic origins) so this may be somewhat regional as well. I have a reference on sound-spelling correspondences, but it's at my office or I could dig further into this.
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>> It's / 'd^Nki / for me. Always. My grandparents too.

Well, thanks to both of you for setting me straight.  I obviously haven't been hanging out with enough New Yorkers lately (or some would say I'd been hanging out with too many earlier).  I prefer this to be a regionalism I can wear proudly, like Mary/marry/merry, standing on line, and playing saluggi, rather than an idiosyncratic spelling pronunciation.

Geoff, please do let us know what other words may be involved if you get the chance.


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