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>... However, Harvard has 5 books with "Negrophobia" in their titles and
>another 2 with it in chapter titles.  (The earliest is 1869 --
>"Negrophobia "on the brain," in white men : or, An essay upon the
>origin and progress, both mental and physical, of the Negro race, and
>the use to be made of him by the politicians in the United States,"
>by Dr. J. R. Hayes; 35 pp.)

If it's the same person, Dr. J. [Joshua] R. Hayes is the later author
of "And Why We Do Not Live Longer" (1897), which in its publisher's
announcement is described as "By J. R. Hayes, M.D., Medical Examiner
Bureau of Pensions, Department of the Interior, Washington,
D.C."  (Perhaps because we were born into slavery.)

One can find a favorable review of his "Negrophobia" from the
Washington Express, Aug. 16, 1869, at

A 1987 book says "a Dr. J. R. Hayes excoriated the proposed Fifteenth
Amendment in 1869 with a rehash of all the biological 'evidence' for
Negro incapacity."


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