Calinky (slang for "Carolina")

Nathaniel Sharpe nts at BETHLEHEMBOOKS.COM
Tue Jan 8 23:10:48 UTC 2013

I did a search at (a rather eccentric website with
free archives of NY newspapers) and while I didn't see any instances
of Calinky or Cackalacky, there were quite a few Caliney's and
Caliny's from 1911 back to 1866. Here's three:

"She's says down in 'ole Caliny,' where she was born, the love to eat
blackbird pie." November 11, 1911 Oswego Daily Times (Oswego, NY) Page
3, Column 1, "Daddy's Bedtime Story" (pdf)

"We lib in the low country in ole Souf Caliney..." September 24, 1874
Evening Telegram (New York, NY) Page 4, Column 3, "Long Billy: The
Merman of Alabama" (pdf)

"North Caliney, clost tu the Virginey line..." August 24, 1866 The
Cuba True Patriot (Cuba, NY) Page 4, Column 1, "Picture of a North
Carolina Emigrant Party" (pdf)

Hope this helps!

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