BE slang: _fade_ "white person"

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> I barely remember "fade" it was heard but never that popular in Chicago
> in the '50s.

I'm not surprised. The direction of influence was/is from Chitown to
Louietown. In the day, (black) DJ's from The Lou made regular
excursions to Chi to try to be the first to cop the latest sounds and
introduce them on their lical shows. For some reason, I clearly recall
"Nadine," by The Coronets, as one such jam, touted by George "The G"
Logan as "the very latest from Chicago!" Well-known St, Louisans such
as Redd Foxx, "black comedian" Dick - known only as "Richard" in StL -
Gregory, and Chuck Berry went to Chicago to get their starts. In StL,
Foxx had no rep, Gregory was known primarily as the pretender to the
title of "King of the Missouri Mile" - by state law, no black person
could hold the official state championship in any sport of any kind,
until Arthur Ashe, already too internationally famous to be denied,
was allowed to win the state tennis championship; Jim Crow covered
more than the seating on buses and Missouri was a paradise compared to
the real South - and Berry was known as a jailbird.

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