BE slang: _fade_ "white person"

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One of the definitions of 'fade' in Major's _Juba to Jive_ is "a negro who fades into a white way of life." 
--Margaret Lee

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Subject: BE slang: _fade_ "white person"
American Slang: 2nd Edition - Page 158

"fade 4 n _black by 1970s_ A white person"

Back in the day, during the course of a thread about _ofay_, I OT'ed
about the use, in addition to "ofay," of _fade_ as a term for "white
person" in Saint Louis BE, ca. 1950-. By the mid- '60's, I was living
in Los Angeles. The term was still unknown there. The only person that
I ever heard use it, a native of L.A., attributed it to me and
mispronounced it: "A 'fabe,' as *you* would say" or words to that

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