English Words Connected with Being Drunk Published 1930-1940s

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Following is a post from Szymon (Simon) Adam Woźny

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which he has asked me to post here on his behalf.  I'm certain that some members of this list will know about this kind of thing! He isn't a member of the list, so it would be great if you would send any reflections you have directly to him, as well as replying to the list if you think your answer would be interesting to members here too.  Apologies for cross-postings: I originally saw this message on the LINGUIST List.

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Hello fellow linguists.

I was hoping for your help with finding any written data considering the english vocabulary associated with being drunk. A dictionary of it would really be a godsend. I'd like the data to be published in 1930s or 1940s, but anything from the first half of XXth century will do.

It is of crucial importance for my thesis.

Thank you in advance,


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