English Words Connected with Being Drunk Published 1930-1940s

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There are more synonyms for "drunk" than anyone could want to know in Berry
&  Van den Barks' _American Thesaurus of Slang_ (N.Y.: Crowell, 1943).

A shorter list is in Weseen's _Dictionary of American Slang_ (N.Y.:
Crowell, 1934).

Just don't assume that all those expressions were equally common.


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> I don't have one, but Alcoholics Anonymous has a paperback glossary of the
> way American English was used in the eponymous book, written in 1935-39,
> which might be useful.  The current (4th) edition, as do the previous ones,
> has stories in the members words and there is also a compilation of stories
> from the previous editions called "Experience, Strength, and Hope" which
> could be similarly useful.
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> Hello fellow linguists.
> I was hoping for your help with finding any written data considering the
> english vocabulary associated with being drunk. A dictionary of it would
> really be a godsend. I'd like the data to be published in 1930s or 1940s,
> but anything from the first half of XXth century will do.
> It is of crucial importance for my thesis.
> Thank you in advance,
> Simon
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