Weather = bad weather

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Margaret Lee wrote:
> I remember growing up hearing my parents, grandparents and neighbors=A0say,=
>  "Looks like there's gonna be some weather tonight," meaning possibly a thu=
> nderstorm or worse

Here is an example, I think, that was probably published in 1956.

Book title: Generations of men: a novel
Author: John Clinton Hunt
Page: GB Page 71
Year: 1956
Publisher: Boston : Little, Brown
(Google Books snippet data may be inaccurate; Worldcat gives same year)

[Begin extracted text]
The clouds beneath were dark as wine and in the northwest strange
light blue clouds were massing, white around the fringes as though
with ice.

"We might get some weather tonight," Buck said, and then abruptly he
rose and wheeled the gun across the sky and fired. "Too much talk,"
and he squatted again.
[End extracted text]


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