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Subject: "Hot Dog" in 1884

>>>>>At least, I think this is earlier than Fred's recent finds.
Again, using my new subscription to Genealogy Bank.
_Evansville Courier and Press_ (Evansville IN) 14 September 1884 p.2
"Even the innocent "wienerworst" man will be barred from dispensing
"hot dog" on the street corner."
Sam Clements<<<<<
This is a great find! GenealogyBank has been adding this Evansville
publication in the past year; I looked for "hot dog" somewhat recently
and didn't see this.
A few things:
. Although the page says "Evansville Courier and Press," the actual
publication at this time says "The Evansville Daily Courier."
GenealogyBank will do this, having an 1800s citation from the "New York
Herald" appear as the "Herald Tribune" -- the publication's last name.
. It appears to be column 5, not column 4.
. "Hot dog" is not in quotes.
The last item is a bit important. The food item is clearly a
"wienerworst" and the joke is that it contains dog. It does not appear
to have been called a "hot dog" at this time, but it's this close to
The "OK" item, I believe, I found by intense microfilm searching way
back in 1992.
Barry Popik

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