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> I was in Hartford for two days and came across a couple of menu items
> that were derived from Italian food items.
> "Cappy ham" and "Porta cap".
> I have never seen these abbreviations used, which is why they stood
> out--not in Boston, not in NYC, not in Philadelphia, not in Chicago. It
> does, however, appear that Boar's Head (brand) capicola goes by the name
> "Cappy Brand Ham". The shop was not using Boar's Head.
> The first one was on the menu of a deli Downtown Hartford (just near the
> beginning of Asylum Ave.). The consensus, at the moment of discovery,
> was that this was "capicola" (the price of the sandwich precluded it
> being "coppa").
That makes sense. The only other term I'm familiar with from the area is
"Cappy dog," which is a hot dog from Capitol Lunch in New Britain (near
Hartford). But that doesn't make sense to me in "Cappy ham" because it
doesn't align with Capitol Lunch's speciality (hot dogs).

---Amy West

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