come back vs. get back

Benjamin Barrett gogaku at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Nov 1 23:38:39 UTC 2013

I have a real problem with, "I just came back."

I suppose "I've just come back" is fine, but it uses the perfect, which sounds unnecessary. Instead, it seems, "I just got back" is far preferable.

In the present tense (I come/get back everyday at 3 o'clock), "get" seems better though I don't have a problem with the "come" version.

For "When I come/get back," I don't notice much of a difference, though "get" seems preferable.

It seems possible that the awkwardness of the perfect tense and the irregular conjugation of "come" is causing the problem, but "get" also has an irregular conjugation. Is there a real difference in the meanings of "come back" and "get back"? Is something else going on? (Is it all in my head?)

Benjamin Barrett
Seattle, WA

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