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While I was awash in idle thought, the verb, "to long-dick" popped into my
head. I first heard this used by the "big boys" (boys a couple of years
older and/or a couple of grades higher than my boys and I were. I've been
assuming that this use of "big boys" is universal, but perhaps it's not.
Youneverknow) probably around The End of The War;

"I wasn't just getting some pussy! I was steady *long*-dickin'!" "Soon as
she dropped her drawers, I was long-dickin' my ass off.!" "I whaled a
*while*, y'all, long-dickin' all night long!"

I don't know whether anyone else has been on this situation, but everybody
but me seemed to know what "long-dicking" was. So, I didn't want to square
off/lame out by asking what it was. I thought that, with the passage of
time, its meaning would become clear. That has not happened. It's not in
HDAS. It's in Google and in the UD. The definitions in the latter are just
random bullshit, crap that I would have made up, if someone had put a gun
to my head and ordered, "Define it or die!" There's even one that claims
that it means to pick up chicks. Google has stuff like "... 'long-dicking,'
as the black men say ..."

My conclusion is that it's just a standard brag that the boyz N the 'hood
have been using since at least The War. Like "I popped my dick-string!",
it's tossed into stories real or imagined about all the pussy that the bruz
be getting, just to add color. It has no meaning.

Heard on Springer:

He: "Why you wanna put me down"?
She: " 'Cause you steady downing me!"

I don't know where the couple was - _couple_ is a Singular in my dialect -
from, but the use of _put me down_ as "break up with me" and of _downing
me_ as "putting me down" matches the StL BE of my forlorn youth.
All say, "How hard it is that we have to die!"---a strange complaint to
come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
-Mark Twain

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