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Ah, Wilson, Wilson, it isn't in HDAS *solely* because I had only one

I almost included it anyway, but feared I would be accused of gratuitous

The word appeared in an undergraduate collection called "Folklore of the
United States Marine Corps," compiled by Don Higginbotham at Indiana
University just around 1962

I recall this because in the days before the Net, people had to travel to
far distant libraries in order to research certain subjects.

I also remember it because the phrase that Higginbotham recorded from vox
populi was the then moderately striking "I may not can long-dick you but I
can sure fancy-fuck you."  (Today I assume it's an ordinary form of
self-introduction to an unattached person.) (Old-timey me! I almost said
"unattached female.")

To "fancy-fuck" didn't make the cut either.

Hmmmmm....sounds like an early ex. of the to "random-fire" and to
"barefoot-run" verboconstructophenomenon.


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> While I was awash in idle thought, the verb, "to long-dick" popped into my
> head. I first heard this used by the "big boys" (boys a couple of years
> older and/or a couple of grades higher than my boys and I were. I've been
> assuming that this use of "big boys" is universal, but perhaps it's not.
> Youneverknow) probably around The End of The War;
> "I wasn't just getting some pussy! I was steady *long*-dickin'!" "Soon as
> she dropped her drawers, I was long-dickin' my ass off.!" "I whaled a
> *while*, y'all, long-dickin' all night long!"
> I don't know whether anyone else has been on this situation, but everybody
> but me seemed to know what "long-dicking" was. So, I didn't want to square
> off/lame out by asking what it was. I thought that, with the passage of
> time, its meaning would become clear. That has not happened. It's not in
> HDAS. It's in Google and in the UD. The definitions in the latter are just
> random bullshit, crap that I would have made up, if someone had put a gun
> to my head and ordered, "Define it or die!" There's even one that claims
> that it means to pick up chicks. Google has stuff like "... 'long-dicking,'
> as the black men say ..."
> My conclusion is that it's just a standard brag that the boyz N the 'hood
> have been using since at least The War. Like "I popped my dick-string!",
> it's tossed into stories real or imagined about all the pussy that the bruz
> be getting, just to add color. It has no meaning.
> Heard on Springer:
> He: "Why you wanna put me down"?
> She: " 'Cause you steady downing me!"
> I don't know where the couple was - _couple_ is a Singular in my dialect -
> from, but the use of _put me down_ as "break up with me" and of _downing
> me_ as "putting me down" matches the StL BE of my forlorn youth.
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