WOTY nomination: Obamacare

Bonnie Taylor-Blake b.taylorblake at GMAIL.COM
Wed Nov 13 14:19:11 UTC 2013

The subject line pretty much says it all.  (I'm actually not fond of
"Obamacare," preferring "the Affordable Care Act," but there you go.)

I see I'm in good company in thinking of this as a WOTY candidate:
Allan Metcalf brought up "Obamacare" in his October 8 column for
Lingua Franca,


Fred Shapiro sent along a message in July that pushes "Obamacare" back
to 2007 [1].  And I see that Victor Steinbok mentioned "Obamacare" as
a possible WOTY contender even back in 2010.

So, the word (or brand name) isn't new, but it's hard to do anything
or go anywhere these days without bumping into it.

-- Bonnie

[1] http://listserv.linguistlist.org/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind1307C&L=ADS-L&P=R1132

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