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If you want to share this info on Project Wombat, that would be fine with me.


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[Begin message from Fred Shapiro]
Surprisingly, something relevant does come up on the Times of India
database on ProQuest. Here it is:

Some years ago, she [Indira Gandhi] recalled what Pandit Motilal
[spelling of this last word is a little illegible] Nehru once told
her:  "There are two kinds of people, those who do the work, and those
who take the credit.  Belong to the first category, since not only do
things get balanced, but there is much less competition."

"Congress President Sure To Spark New Love of Work: Indira Gandhi,"
The Times of India, Feb. 8, 1959, page 6 (ProQuest Historical
[End message from Fred]

Fantastic! Thank you very much for your help, Fred. The quotation in
Times of India in 1959 matches the quotation in the 1966 biography
"Indira Gandhi: Call to Greatness" by B. K. Desai. (Great thanks to
Stephen for scans from this bio).

The biography uses the spelling "Motilal", and Wikipedia has an entry
for Motilal Nehru who was the grandfather of Indira Gandhi.

You may wish to share this information on the Wombats mailing list
thread titled "[PW] Tracing yearbook quotes (1 of probably 2)".


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