Last Plea for Most Notable Quotations of 2013

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Wed Nov 27 09:19:49 UTC 2013

I think I got one, but I'll offer the full context (video at the link!):
> Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) slammed the Food and Drug Administration's
> "nanny state" at an event Monday, warning attendees that the agency is
> "coming after your doughnuts!"
> At a Republican fundraiser in Charleston, S.C., Paul said the
> Affordable Care Act is a slippery slope leading to Americans being
> denied "Big Gulps" and doughnuts. Last week, the FDA announced it
> would require the food industry to phase out all trans fats.
> "The FDA has banned unilaterally -- some unelected bureaucrat has
> banned trans fats," he said. "So I say we need to line every one of
> them up. I want to see how skinny or how fat the FDA agents are who
> are making the rules on this."
> Paul added that any FDA agents with an unhealthy body mass index
> should exercise with "somebody from maybe OSHA [Occupational Safety
> and Health Administration] lashing them while they're on the treadmill."
> "If we're gonna have a nanny state, and everybody's gotta eat the
> right thing and you can't eat a doughnut, maybe we ought to just
> enforce it on the government workers first," he said.

Paul also had an interesting response to the initial accusations of
plagiarism--but eventually, he admitted it, also in a quotable way. I'd
need to track down the full sequence...


On 11/23/2013 4:26 PM, Shapiro, Fred wrote:
> I need to get serious about finalizing my annual list, run by the Associated Press, of the top 10 most notable quotations of the year.  By “notable” I mean “important” or “famous” or “particularly revealing of the spirit of our times” rather than necessarily being eloquent or admirable.  Last year's winner was Mitt Romney's quote about the 47 per cent.  Because this is not an election year or year-before-election year, the most notable quotations are less obvious, which is why I particularly could use help this year.
> I would welcome suggestions of notable quotations from 2013, particularly ones from politics or popular culture or entertainment or sports or business or technology.

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