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Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at GMAIL.COM
Fri Apr 4 12:52:07 UTC 2014

In February, George W. Bush urged that the D be dropped from PTSD:

"'We're getting rid of the D,' he said.  'PTS is an injury; it's not a
disorder.  The problem is when you call it a disorder, [veterans] don't
think they can be treated.

"An employer says, 'I don't want to hire somebody with a disorder.'  And so
our mission tomorrow is to begin to change the dialogue in the United
States,' he said. 'And we've got a lot of good support.'"

At least two CNN anchors in the last 24 hours have promised no longer to
utter the shame-inspiring final letter of the medical abbreviation. As John
King put it this morning, "'Disorder' suggests that something's wrong."


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