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Toad Pinger Locater (TPL), aka Towed Pinger Locator: Wolf Blitzer in THE
SITUATION ROOM, aired 25 March 2014, 17:00 ET. <<THIS IS A RUSH
Random cites:
<<Pinger Locaters to Be Used if Wreckage Found; Mystery of Flight 370>>
BRIAN TODD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: <<(voice-over): The U.S. Navy has only two
of these high-tech listening devices, and one of them is now heading to the
Indian Ocean to help find the missing plane. It's called a towed pinger
TODD: <<CNN had a rare look inside the Maryland facility of Phoenix
International, where the toad pinger locator is made. This device helped
recover wreckage from Air France Flight 447 in the Atlantic. Project
manager Bill Nelson says once plane debris is found, the pinger locater,
with a fin on top, is towed slowly through the area.>>
Commander Williams MARKS: <<I think the big news for the U.S. Navy and its
support, we're moving in two very advanced pieces of equipment. One is
called a TPL, or a Toad Pinger Locator. Another is called a blue fin.>>
BLITZER: <<Has that Toad Pinger locator arrived yet in Perth?>>

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