WOTY candidate(s)--just add water and serve

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Apr 21 23:53:30 UTC 2014

>From a story on NBC Nightly News, there's a story about the possibly imminent availability of powdered alcohol, under the name of (wait for it) PALCOHOL.  (which sounds more like your drunken buddy, but there it is)

The idea is that it will be marketed in various pouches, one of which is "powderita".  It would make it easier for travelers with carry-on baggage, I must admit, although the proof (80?  86?) will be in the spiked pudding.

Do we need to wait until final approval before considering its ATNW/WOTY candidacy?

Here are a couple of relevant links:

("Take your 'pal' with you wherever you go")


So it seems you can also snort it ("but that would be irresponsible") or apply it directly to your guacamole--although us fogeys may prefer to stick to the traditional beer on the side; I can't imagine the most interesting man in the world, inter alii, telling the bartender to hold the Dos Equis, he'll just sprinkle some powderita on his guac.  YMMV.


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