A trivium from the Web: because kidding?

Hugo hugovk at GMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 22 14:12:47 UTC 2014

> As the Spring 2014 edition of "Among the New Words" in
> AmSp will demonstrate, "because X" began circulating in 2010, with the
> canonical "because reasons" appearing on Twitter in Feb./Mar. of that
> year:

I found a pair of July 2009 "because reasons" using Topsy.

I am currently mad at da bae, @tre_hood, because *reasons*! He gets
silent treatment for *however long I keep him on* ughhhh I'm

IG: Lala_Dequella, ‏@Dollhouse_21, 8 Jul 2009:


@hyperion_lynx because reasons, it matters

Fariz Budiman, ‏@FarizVanJava, 16 Jul 2009:


> As for "because YOLO," the earliest I find in the Twitter archive is
> in a consciously acronym-heavy tweet from May 2011:

Here's a June 2010 via Topsy.

I wish I could say that I'm either A) Partying it up tonight because
YOLO, or B) going to bed early in preparation for 13 miles. I'm

Bri Eggers, ‏@BreezyInBoise, 19 Jun 2010:



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