A trivium from the Web: because kidding?

Hugo hugovk at GMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 22 15:28:25 UTC 2014

And here's a pair of a bunch more.

"Because YAY", May 2007

@ anatsuno So, wait, does this mean that I can text you by doing "D
anatsuno MESSAGE" for UK texting costs? Because yay!
John Walton, ‏@thatjohn, 11 May 2007

Madly looking for sunglasses because YAY! IT'S SUNNY! IT'S FINALLY SUNNY!
Kimber Schmahl, ‏@FabGirl, 3 Apr 2008

"Because TIRED", August 2007

It's too early to sleep, but I do because tired.
平野智, ‏@SatoruHirano, 19 Aug 2007

Well off to see my girl practice she says she is having trouble
keeping up because tired and stuff :-( hope she is gonna be okay
Rufus E. Podmore, ‏@inswwwa, 8 Nov 2007

"Because AWESOME", January 2008

@saynotodecaf CRAZY-LADY BANDWAGON. We should start a band & that
could be our name, because AWESOME. ;)
Girl, Inappropriate, ‏@akaMonty, 11 Jan 2008

congratulates Hiro because AWESOME DESIGN seriously believe it
wise tanuku, ‏@tanukisan, 26 Mar 2008

"Because YUM", March 2008

just bought lovely John Barrowman songs from iTunes. Because YUM. Oh,
and one Ewan song I didn't already have. *issohappy*
katekintail, ‏@katekintail, 18 Mar 2008

thinking how fortunate I was to catch part of a "Giada" cooking show
about a certain way to prepare artichokes, because YUM.
Amie Simon, ‏@posiegirl, 29 Mar 2008

"Because WANT", June 2008

Have I mentioned wanting this before? Because WANT: http://snurl.com/2eab9
Adam Fahy @afahy, 6 Jun 2008

SO, um, does anybody know if the Thai movie "Chocolate" (Nicharee
Vismistananda; Ammara Siripong; Hiroshi Abe) is getting subs? Because
Savannah LBreakstone, ‏@nicocoer, 26 Sep 2008


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