Antedating of "hashtag"

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Wed Apr 23 21:36:52 UTC 2014

Ah, good stuff. I had actually checked ATNW88-1 (and some others) but
skipped straight to the citations section on page 95 where the tweet
is absent. But there it is, in the introduction on page 83.

I think it's important enough to join the main citations in future
listings. The intro only noted the tweet wrote it as a two-word "hash
tag", but it's noteworthy it also included an alloneword "#hashtag".


> The Wikipedia entry should be updated. I found out about Stowe Boyd's
8/25/07 Twitter post in Feb. 2013, about a month after the WOTY vote:


> I made sure the tweet was the first citation in our "Among the New Words"
treatment of "hashtag" in the Spring 2013 issue of AmSp:


> Stowe Boyd himself quoted the ATNW intro on his blog:


> --bgz

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