"subliminal tweet"

Hugo hugovk at GMAIL.COM
Thu Apr 24 14:02:48 UTC 2014

"Subtweet" is short for "subliminal tweet". Here's the earliest
examples of "subliminal tweet" I found for a tweet sent behind
someone's back without mentioning a @username.

(There's some earlier referring to a tweet that contains a subliminal message.)


William B. Dope ‏@WillyDope
What's good to all my beautiful, sexy, female followers?
9:00 AM - 11 Jan 2009

Andrea Monique ‏@AndreaMonique
@WillyDope so the females that respond to that tweet must think they
are beautiful and sexy & if u dont think so u get a good laugh.. i see
9:02 AM - 11 Jan 2009

William B. Dope ‏@WillyDope
@AndreaMonique lmaooo @ you twisting my compliment...just say thank
you and smile beautiful ;)
9:07 AM - 11 Jan 2009

Andrea Monique @AndreaMonique
@WillyDope uh uh you didnt compliment me personally.. you threw out a
subliminal tweet... you could laughing at me right now lol
9:13 AM - 11 Jan 2009


Here's another that's probably the same thing:

Eme -- @beforetheehype
btw: don't you hate subliminal tweets, I do! LOL
9:29 PM - 26 Jan 2009


This is clear:

alexis belon @alexisbelon
WTF @ subliminal tweets? Lol. If it aint directed directly at me; I
don't respect it.
1:18 AM - 20 Mar 2009


Hey, im Alex. @alejandrianicol
I hate when people portray to be something that they are NOT..
4 May 2009

Hey, im Alex. @alejandrianicol
yea that was a subliminal tweet..
4 May 2009


The following are earlier, possibly the same thing as both mention "beef":

R.Roper @Randy_Roper
@TheJK Yeah, man. But I won't be sending tweet shots back. Just SMH
and keep it tweetin'
9:12 PM - 20 Aug 2008

Cephas ben Uthai @EnigmatikBGDB
@randyexclusive lol @"subliminal" tweets...the evolution of beef continues
9:54 PM - 20 Aug 2008


Ephraim Fetti Benton @Fetti
@hiesso 2. if u run wit ppl shit, acknowledge the copyright holder!
3. No public subliminal tweets if u tryin 2really get @ some1(beefn)
7:28 PM - 29 Dec 2008


All those, collected here:


The American Dialect Society - http://www.americandialect.org

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