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To clarify: Costello and everyone else who commented scored Bundy as a
racist for his idiot musings about slavery. But they also condemned his use
of what one black commentator called "the 'Negro' word."

Nobody explained why "the 'Negro' word" was bad, however. It just is.
You're just supposed to know. You're not supposed to say it.

How does the American Negro College Fund stay in business??  They even run
ads on TV!!

(I think the word is still OK for anthropologists, because they write books
nobody else reads.)


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> WB:  <<Can we still use the A-A word?   Jist wundrin'.>>
> WG: <<Why does it matter to you? Are some of your best friends n-words? Do
> you otherwise expect to have occasion to speak to black Americans about
> black Americans? If so, then use whatever terms you ordinarily use. If not,
> then use whatever terms you ordinarily use. Who is included in that "we,"
> BTW?>>
> WB: Judge not, lest ye be judged.
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