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At 4/26/2014 09:23 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:

>To clarify: Costello and everyone else who commented scored Bundy as a
>racist for his idiot musings about slavery. But they also condemned his use
>of what one black commentator called "the 'Negro' word."
>Nobody explained why "the 'Negro' word" was bad, however. It just is.
>You're just supposed to know. You're not supposed to say it.
>How does the American Negro College Fund stay in business??  They even run
>ads on TV!!
>(I think the word is still OK for anthropologists, because they write books
>nobody else reads.)

I hope it's also still OK for writers about the 18th century, even in
paraphasing!  Because if I could only write, I'd try to publish a
book, if only anyone might read it.

By the way, I know two journals that will not publish the word
"Negro" unless it is in a direct quotation -- "Slavery and Abolition"
and the "South Carolina Historical Magazine".


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> > WG: <<Why does it matter to you? Are some of your best friends n-words? Do
> > you otherwise expect to have occasion to speak to black Americans about
> > black Americans? If so, then use whatever terms you ordinarily use. If not,
> > then use whatever terms you ordinarily use. Who is included in that "we,"
> > BTW?>>
> > WB: Judge not, lest ye be judged.
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