Yet more angst of lack of words for X

David Daniel david at COARSECOURSES.COM
Tue Aug 19 20:39:25 UTC 2014

Collins has it, with schadenfreude as a synonym. 

On Aug 19, 2014, at 3:37 PM, victor steinbok wrote:

> This one a bit more reasonable than most -- almost contrarian to
> "conventional wisdom".
> The punchline should be revealing:
>> I'm still looking for one more ... a word for the mistaken belief =
> there is no English equivalent for a non-English word, such as
> Schadenfreude, which many people believe doesn't translate, but which =
> course simply means epicaricacy. Suggestions welcome.

"Epicaricacy", a new one on me, does show up via Googling with the =
relevant gloss, but isn't in the OED, and thought I must =
have meant "epicranium".


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