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Compliments to Jim, and the benefits of cross-fertilization:

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>This is a fantastic find; thank you so much for passing it on! Not 
>only is it an antedating, but the entry previously lacked contextual 
>evidence for this sense (I agree with your interpretation of 1806).
>I've put the quotation in the revision file for this entry, so that 
>it can be integrated at revision.
>Best wishes,
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>I wonder some'optician did not think it a  good speculation to 
>construct Sunglasses for the observation of the late eclipse. Mr. 
>Benjamin Martin did so for that of 1764,--the beautiful 
>annular  eclipse; and the sale even then was great. His was a dense 
>red Sun-glass, set as  in the centre of a backgammon-man, of about 
>half-a-crown diameter.  But they might  be variously fitted
>up---with dark green glass, to give a pale green image; strong 
>yellow for a light yellow; deep violet for a purple; deep violet and 
>dark green combined, for a pure white  image.
>1817 Jan. 1.  The Monthly Magazine: Or, British Register.  Vol. 
>XLII.  Part II for 1816 (Vol. 42, No. 6).  Page 499/2.
>"sun-glass" antedates OED2 sense (b) "a shade-glass".  The 1804 
>quotation is for (a) "a burning glass"; the 1806 quotation is 
>ambiguous out of context, but I think an "Indian" with Lewis and 
>Clark would have prized a burning glass.
>Discovered by Jim  Chevallier.

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