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>From BuffettNews.com - Guidelines for the South"

"Ok...I do have a question about Southernese...and remember I have lived
here ALL my life..hmmmm..which is a fairly long time...

I thought I had heard them all..But my friends from SW Georgia? Over by
Dothan, AL?? They always say "joog"...As in "I am going to joog you with
this pencil"...Or "he jooged her right in the eye!".....
Now, I have asked a lot of people...ALL from Georgia about this "joog"...
(short o by the way...) and they ALL know it....

How come I have never, ever heard it?????"


I know it from NE Texas, where it has the meanings given here, plus that of
"nudge, poke with the elbow." It also is the usual pre-adolescent word for
"copulate with," in Marshall. Maybe for adults, too. Unsurprisingly, since
I was a child, then, I never heard any adult say anything at all that had
to do with gender.

In Northern BE, it's "hunch" that means "nudge, poke with the elbow" and
"joog" isn't used at all. AFAIK, of course. Since it's in both HDAS and
Cassell's, it's probable that "joog" isn't peculiar to cullud chirren in
Marshall, Texas, despite the fact that that's my personal experience.

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