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I distinctly remember becoming aware, as a young adult recently transplanted from Texas to Los Angeles, that most people seemed to be saying "show off" instead of "show out"!

 As far as I  can tell (and now, living in Georgia, I use both forms), "show out" and "show off" are  exactly synonymous.

Perhaps it's a little like "log out" and "log off."


Poster:       Wilson Gray
Subject:      Re: to _show out_

"To make a display of oneself, behave extravagantly, esp. in order to draw
attention to oneself; to brag, show off"

Children that annoy adults by "acting ugly" in front of guests or in public
are said to be"showing out"; likewise, a child throwing a tantrum. A drunk
who turns belligerent during a party is "showing out." Any public display
that draws any kind of attention, positive or negative, is "showing out."

"We went out in the second half and _showed out_!"

could be rendered as "... and kicked ass!" or "... and put on a clinic!"

"*They* went out in the second half and showed out"

could mean that they played in such a way as to embarrass the other team or
in such a way as to embarrass themselves.

"He came to center-stage and showed out!"

could imply "really making us proud of him" or "embarrassing us in front of
the in-laws."

Kinda depends on whose ox is being gored.

On Sun, May 25, 2014 at 10:53 PM, Arnold Zwicky  wrote:
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> > This is covered in DARE, but I was a little startled to see it used on
> line
> > as something that people other than "them good folks who come from home"
> > would understand.
> for the sake of readers who don't have DARE to hand while they're reading
> ADS-L, it would be helpful to give a brief gloss.
> arnold

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