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If things go south, Ebola could end up being a strong WOTY candidate.

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Here is a word not yet in dictionaries.  PLASTIGLOMERATE:


Now researchers have discovered an unexpected way that some plastic waste is
persisting: as a new type of stone.

The substance, called plastiglomerate, is a fusion of natural and manufactured materials. Melted plastic binds together sand, shells, pebbles, basalt, coral and wood, or seeps into the cavities of larger rocks to form a rock-plastic hybrid. The resulting materials, researchers report in the journal GSA Today, will probably be long-lived and could even become permanent markers in the planet's geologic record.  Rachel Nuwer, "Future
Fossils: Plastic Stone," The New York Times (Nexix), June 10, 2014, Science Times sect., p D5


This term might fit in the category of BRAND-SPANKING NEW.





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