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Yeah, same for us, as Fred knows--the old "Yale classification" and LC.  Until Stirling was redone, each floor had materials side-by-side in both systems as determined by subject area (different parts of each floor), so the linguistics P (LC) books and journals began where the linguistics Yale F books and journals stopped.  Now all the old Yale classification materials are segregated on the upper floors.  Less convenient for browsers, since where a journal will be stored depends on when Yale's subscription to it began; at some point, the new subscriptions coming in were all LC.   And the undergraduate Bass (né Cross Campus) Library, with open stacks, never knew a Yale classification volume, it was and is all LC, all the way.  

In terms of access, it does seem to be a caste system. The scanned PDFs are available to anyone with full Yale privileges, including emeriti--but maybe not alumni. Goes along with download privileges.  At some point emeriti were folded in so we can go on downloading away to our (old, crusty, but still viable) hearts' content.  Just as well; I never would have retired otherwise.


On Feb 8, 2015, at 7:10 PM, Joel S. Berson wrote:

> At 2/8/2015 04:06 PM, Shapiro, Fred wrote:
>> It's amusing that the Gizmodo posting refers to the Dewey Decimal System.
> Winder currently uses two identification systems concurrently (but not simultaneously for the same copy of any book!).  Its own, old system, labeled "Widener ...", and the Library of Congress's, labeled "WID-LC ...".  Other libraries, such as Lamont and Houghton, use their own systems of identification.
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