[Ads-l] Call for Papers: American Dialect Society 2016 in Washington, D.C.

Grant Barrett grantbarrett at GMAIL.COM
Thu Feb 26 18:31:15 UTC 2015

>From Thursday, January 7 through Sunday, January 10, ADS will hold its
2016 annual meeting at the new Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C.,
hosted as usual by the Linguistic Society of America.

Theme: Dialect and innovation at the turn of the 21st century. From
Sali A. Tagliamonte, ADS President-elect and program chair:  Dialects
are a vibrant part of North America, but there are still many
unstudied geographic areas and social groups. Dialects are commonly
thought to be rural, old and obsolescent, but dialects are constantly
being formed or reconfigured as cultural change takes place and new
communities (both virtual and non-virtual) emerge and evolve novel
features. Many linguistic features remain to be documented. This year,
let us work towards bringing new phenomena to our meeting, whether
obsolescent or innovative, working towards a comprehensive
documentation of forms and features of all kinds at the turn of the
21st century.

See the full call for for papers: http://goo.gl/89ubsu

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