[Ads-l] New to me: "foistware, crapware, drive-by install"

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West's California Digest 2d - Volume 26, Part 1 - Page 132
1998 - ‎Snippet view - ‎More editions
Supplier of software that detected "foistware," i.e., programs that had
been unknowingly downloaded by users over Internet...

foistware - Wiktionary
foistware (uncountable). (computing) Software that is installed without the
user's knowledge or consent, often bundled with another product.
[quotations ▽]. 2003

[A]llow me to explain what foistware (aka crapware, drive-by-installs) is:
Foistware is software that is bundled along with other software that has no
relation whatsoever to the program that the user is installing. The
foistware itself may be a legit program, though ["but"?] the manner in
which it is installed makes it foistware.
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