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If you think that's a reach, try North Carolina....

Much of this argument strikes me as offensively patronizing. The case of
South Carolina was egregious: the battle flag went up over the State House
in 1961 as a protest against the Civil Rights Movement. That was back when
Strom "Dixiecrat" Thurmond was a U.S. Senator. Some years ago an attempt
was made to remove the flag, which ended in the compromise that it would
not be flown over the House, but must continue to be flown in the grounds.

Wikipedia doesn't seem to cover these events, so I'm relying in CNN.

That's an actual Confederate flag, not a design perhaps suggested by it (or
vaguely suggesting it). And regardless of the Civil War, it was placed
there as an intentional affront to black people and the federal government.
Within living memory.


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> > Another topic of growing controversy is whether the flags of seven
> > Southern states should be replaced because of some historical
> > connection or visual resemblance to one or another Confederate flag.
> > (The Mississippi flag actually includes the rebel flag in its canton.)
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> I'm surprised that some of the flags have any connection to the
> Confederacy=
> .  I grew up in TN, and have always thought that the TN flag is well
> design=
> ed and attractive.  The arguments that is connected to the Confederacy
> coul=
> d be just as easily applied to say it is connected to the Republic.  I
> thin=
> k they are reaching.
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