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"Crip shot" was the standard term used by coaches in Kentucky, c. 1972, to describe the shot now called a lay-up. 

John Baker

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> wrote:
>> HDAS has "cripple" from 1974 (heard from one of my college chums), but
>> undifferentiated "crip" (a cinch) from 1923.
> Having consulted it after the fact, as is all too often the case, I find
> sufficient material in HDAS to indicate that "crip(ple)" was once rather
> hip as a general term to describe something easily dealt with, especially
> WRT sports, from ca. 1914 to ca. 1974, at least. That I know it
> specifically as a term used in the 'Forties in basketball is, clearly, mere
> happenstance.
> An interesting outcome!
> Thanks, guys!
> Speaking of HDAS and of the 'Forties, there was once, in St. Louis, a
> purveyor of men's clothing, Sol's Men's Store, carrying clothing catered to
> the needs of the coolly-, the casually-, and the correctly-dressed colored
> man. The store brand was designed by the no-doubt-non-existent house,
> Ricky's of Hollywood. This business concern was one of the sponsors of
> "Spider" Burke, the first black DJ on the radio in the greater metropolitan
> area. Hence, he often played the business's singing commercial,
> Sol's. Clothing. *Sto-o-ore*!
> Fa-shions styled by *Rickyyy*!
> That's. why. they. are. _*kicky*_!
> This is the only time and the only place that I have ever heard this word,
> _kicky_, used by anyone, anywhere, and this is the only time that I have
> ever heard it used with the perceived meaning.
> _Kicky_ is in HDAS with the perceived meaning: "delightful, diverting,
> exciting."
> "Hell of a job, Jonny!" to coin a paraphrase. :-)
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